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Welcome to West View Garage

Formerly 'Michaels of Selby' & Re-born as West View Garage Ltd.

We have inherited a local garage with a 60 year history. 'Michaels' was the place to go for Reliant cars and spares. In its 70's & 80's heyday Michaels of Selby registered around 80 new Reliants every month! We have an accrued knowledge of the marque that is second to none. Since the demise of Reliant, Michaels took on the Microcar agency to keep our loyal B1 customers on the road. We now service around 200 of our own local Microcar customers and provide parts and advice nationally. West View Garage is committed to satisfying the needs of all Microcar and Reliant owners.

We openly acknowledge that we are servicing an ever ageing and declining market and our new owners Nick and Pete are expanding into newer fields. Our joint passions are trackdays and motorsport.

Nick has been involved with BMW since the 80's, providing on track experiences for customers and enthisiasts at the highest level for over 20 years. Pete is into VW tuning and always has a project or two on the go. Our joint experience lends itself perfectly to servicing the needs of the 'on track' driver either here in our workshop or by delivering the right parts first time.